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Here’s the first step to planning your dream excursion or vacation in case you haven’t discovered exactly what you’re looking for among our suggestions

In the forms you will find below we want you to describe in your own way, what you have dreamed of as a perfect escape.

First, let us know your identity
Groups, couples, families?
Lonely traveler explorer ?
Visitors to Greece from another country?
Parents association or cultural association?
Lovers of beaches, greenery, extreme sports?
Corporate excursion, organization of a conference or a combination of them?
Groups with specific interests such as gastronomy, sports, architecture, religious tourism?

Ταξιδιοωτικό Γραφείο My Other Greece
Ταξιδιοωτικό Γραφείο My Other Greece

Whichever category you fall into, we will help you create a trip “tailored” to your requirements and interests.

Continue by giving us some additional information, such as an approximation of the number of people, the time frame, perhaps the total budget you have decided to allocate.

But above all, describe your dream to us in your own words.

Excursions are not a luxury, they are a respite from everyday life. From the longing of design to the sweet melancholy of return. They give us psychology to come back stronger and fill us with experiences that live within us, as a common code with those we shared them with.

That’s why they shouldn’t be mediocre and it doesn’t deserve to be “about” what we want.

At My Other Greece we don’t like “about”. We will treat you as our only customer to organize exactly what you like. And rest assured that, depending on your financial capacity, you will enjoy the best quality options available without having to waste hours of your precious time.

Ταξιδιοωτικό Γραφείο My Other Greece